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Commercial Locksmith

In need of a commercial locksmith?

Master Key Systems

Simple systems with just a few keys, or complex systems involving possibly hundreds of keys, a master key system is a hierarchy of keys that, as you move up in the hierarchy, the more locks a key will unlock.  At the very top of the hierarchy, the “Top Master Key” will unlock all the locks.   Bosses and department heads usually have the top-level keys and lower ranking employees have the change keys that allow access to only certain areas.

Panic Bars and Alarm Exit Devices

Most fire codes require businesses to have panic bars or alarm exit devices installed on their doors.  As such, they are required to operate correctly 100% of the time after installation.  We can replace or repair your alarm exit device if needed.

Door Closers

There are many different types and styles of door closers that must be maintained to operate correctly.  Call today for your door closer assessment!

File Cabinets and Desks

Today’s environment requires that most, if not all, confidential information be kept under lock and key.  There is a wide range of security options available depending on your needs.


Unfortunately, when employees leave a company, turning in their keys isn’t always forefront in their mind.  Therefore, re-keying an office or storefront is often necessary, and is usually much cheaper than replacing hardware.

Other Services


We can provide service for your home, apartment, or condo!

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We offer a full selection of commercial locksmith services, including commercial lock repairs, installations, and emergency assistance.

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We will help you with every auto locksmith service needed, including new car key cutting and key programming.

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